Fortunate Encounter

Goethe wrote the Fortunate Encounter as an account of his relationship with Schiller. Previous to this encounter, Goethe, though consumed with his botanical studies, was increasingly agitated by Schiller's recent work. He considered Schiller's work to be highly offensive, and announced that an accord between them was inconceivable. However, all this would change when his nemesis moved into the neighbourhood.

For months Goethe struggled to draw a leaf that would speak for all leaves

Then, Schiller moved to town

Goethe avoided Schiller as best he could, and for a time the two lived side by side as strangers

But one day they ran into each other at a Philosopher Meeting

They happened to leave at the same time, and conversation ensued

Irresistibly charmed, Goethe accepted his invitation inside

Goethe drew his archetype Leaf , but Schiller pointed out that it was all wrong; it was merely an idea. Goethe was taken aback

He was thoroughly impressed by his contemporary. From this moment on, Schiller and Goethe would be best friends forever